This season’s colored wool offerings

The wool featured as the main image of this post is called ‘Desert Storm’ and I have some on back order from NessaLand. It should arrive sometime next month if all goes according to plan. Yippee! I always get so excited waiting for packages to arrive in the mail!

In the meantime, I am using a wool called ‘Technicolor Yawn’ that I bought from Walmart yesterday.


This wool retails at about $11 a ball (I know, expensive, right?) and because I already exhausted most of my weekly craft budget I was only able to buy one, so now I am wondering what I can make with one ball of Technicolor Yawn. I was going to knit my nephew a sweater but that would take at least four.

** Update 27/9/15**

What with Winter coming to an end and all I decide to make this very thin scarf so I could use this beautiful wool. Look at how pretty it came out:


Such a shame that I didn’t grab more! They don’t seem to make it anymore. Oh well.

Here’s another ball I got ages ago called ‘Fifty Shades of Beige’.


And finally, this one I bought over a year ago. It’s called ‘Masticated Pepperoni Pizza’.


What are some of your favourite balls of wool? Let me know in the comments.

xx Phoebes

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One thought on “This season’s colored wool offerings”

  • I really like masticated pepperoni pizza also.

    Hey, did you know that the company that makes that wool has brought another one out called churned parma? I’m currently knitting a scarf out of it.

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